FSL3D Manufacturing Services Division

Scalable Manufacturing from Prototype to Production

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FSL3D’s Prototyping Services Department is your development and low-volume manufacturing partner. We offer advanced 3D Printing, Low and High Power Laser Cutting, and conventional CNC fabrication services. We design and build the machines that we use to make your parts!

How does it work?

It all starts with an idea. Your idea. You’ve spent hours poring over the design of the next big thing and now the time has come to get data and feedback on the real world performance. We take your digital designs and turn them into physical parts so that you can keep inventing.

First, submit a design file through our web portal. Our team will review and assess the file and get back to you quickly with an estimate for price and lead time. Once we receive payment, we manufacture, pack, and ship your finished parts so you can keep innovating.

Please be sure to include what dimensions you would like your parts made at.