MC-Series 150W CO2 Laser Non-Metal & Steel Cutter

150W CO2 Laser
Non-Metal & Steel Cutter

Cost-optimized 4'x8' flatbed cutting machine that
can cut wood, acrylic and carbon/stainless steel

MC-Series 150W CO2 Flatbed Laser Steel Cutter

Cost-optimized 4'x8' flatbed cutting machine that can cut wood, acrylic and carbon/stainless steel.



  • 150W CO2 laser cuts multiple materials: wood/acrylic/steel
  • Most cost effective laser capable of cutting 1.2mm carbon/stainless steel (steel only, consider fiber lasers for other metals)
  • Cuts up to 25mm (1 inch) thick acrylic plastic and 3/4 inch wood
  • Capacitive Auto-height adjusting cutting head
  • Cuts standard 4'x8' material sheets
  • Openbed design for easy material handling
  • Programmable cutting assist gas solenoid
  • Highly efficient sealed CO2 tube with 10,000 hours MTBF

Ideal for cutting wood, acrylic and carbon/stainless steel.


Tech Specs

WEIGHT & DIMENSIONS Cutting Area 48" x 96" ( 1220 mm x 2440 mm )
Dimensions 131" x 83" x 60" ( 3.3m x 2.1m x 1.5m )
Weight 1984lbs (900kg)

PERFORMANCE Laser Type Sealed CO2 laser tube
Transmission Belt
Laser Power 150W CO2 laser tube
Laser Type Sealed CO2 laser tube, 10.6um
Laser Output Control (0-100% set by software)
Positioning Accuracy 0.05mm
Positioning Speed 20m/min

Max. Cutting Thickness 40mm
Max. Cutting Speed 20m/min

System Driving System High-precision 3-phase stepper motor
Cooling Mode Water Cooling Chiller
Controlling Software DSP Controlling System
Auxilliary Equipments Exhaust fan and Air Exhaust
Power Supply AC 110V/220V + 10%, 50HZ/60HZ

WARRANTY Parts/Labor 1 year limited warranty (excludes consumable items)


150W CO2 Laser Tube


FSL Medium Fume Extractor

+ $2,500


FSL Small Fume Extractor

+ $1,100


Hobby Series Air Compressor

+ $150


Radiator Water Chiller

+ $600


Advanced Refrigerated Water Chiller

+ $1,200


Hobby Series Exhaust Fan

+ $200

120V Connection

+ $0

Purchased With Machine

220V Connection

+ $0

Purchased With Machine


2 Year Extended Warranty (excluding consumables/shipping)

+ $300

Purchased With Machine

We produce and sell several types of laser systems for cutting and engraving. We are probably most widely known for our highly affordable line of CO2 lasers including the widely popular “Hobby Laser”. But we also sell more expensive lasers like large format CO2 lasers and fiber laser for marking metal directly. We also consult and we can produce custom systems to fit your needs.
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