Material Applications


Stone marked by a FSL machine

Mount Rushmore. The Pyramids. Stonehenge. All were made of stone. None were engraved by a laser. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have been! Full Spectrum Laser systems are perfect for engraving monuments or plaques, producing stunningly accurate results in many natural stones including marble, granite, agate, and more.

Below you can find the compatible power of tube that comes preinstalled in your machine.

40W CO2 90W CO2 150W CO2 1064nm Fiber Galvo
Marble Engrave white Engrave white Engrave white Engrave white
Granite Light Etch Light Etch Etch Etch
Ceramic Tile Light Etch Light Etch Etch Etch
Brick - Light Etch Etch -
Agate Etch Etch Etch -
Mirror Light Etch Etch Etch Smooth Etch

Note: (Upgrading power of tubes is available, contact us for more information.)

* Fiber Laser Galvo will etch away reflective metal (from either direction) with no effect on glass