Material Applications


Rubber marked and cut by FSL machines

Custom stamps are extremely useful for businesses and home crafts, and super easy to manufacture with a Full Spectrum Laser system. All of our units can cut and engrave rubber to produce stamps with logos, text, and even images. The process is fast, fun, and easy.

Below you can find the compatible power of tube that comes preinstalled in your machine.

40W CO2 90W CO2 150W CO2 1064nm Fiber Galvo
Low Odor Rubber Cuts/Engrave Cuts/Engrave Cuts -
Silicone Cuts/Engrave Cuts/Engrave Cuts -
Vulcanized Rubber Cuts/Engrave Cuts/Engrave Cuts/Engrave -

Note: (Upgrading power of tubes is available, contact us for more information.)