Material Applications


Metal marked by a FSL machine

If you’re looking to cut or mark metals, you’ve come to the right place. Full Spectrum Laser offers a variety of systems to suit your application, from low-cost CO2 additive marking through high-speed, high-power industrial fiber laser cutting systems.

Fiber lasers have 3-10x more absorption in metals than CO2 lasers, making them the ideal choice for cutting or engraving. Our 20W 1064nm fiber galvo systems can engrave most metals and cut thin (0.1mm) metal sheet. Our industrial 500W 1070nm CW fiber lasers can cut through up to 6mm of sheet steel, 4mm of stainless, and 2mm of aluminum.

The CO2 laser wavelength is absorbed less than the fiber laser, but these lower-cost units have many competitive applications. A CO2 laser of at least 40W can mark steel with Thermark marking spray, 90W and above can engrave steel directly, and CO2 lasers 150W and above can cut 1mm sheet steel using oxygen assist gas.

Below you can find the compatible power of tube that comes preinstalled in your machine.

40W CO2 90W CO2 150W CO2 20W 1064nm Fiber Galvo 500W 1070nm Fiber
Steel Engrave w/ Thermark Engrave Engrave Cuts/Engrave Cuts/Engrave
Plain Carbon Steel Engrave w/ Thermark Engrave Engrave Cuts/Engrave Cuts/Engrave
Anodized Aluminum Marks White Marks White Marks White Marks White/Black Cuts/Engrave
Bare Aluminum - - - Marks White/Black Cuts/Engrave
Titanium - - - Cuts/Engrave Cuts/Engrave
Silver - - - Cuts/Engrave Cuts/Engrave
Copper Cladding - - - Cuts/Engrave Cuts/Engrave

Note: (Upgrading power of tubes is available, contact us for more information.)