Material Applications


Laser Cut Fabric

One of the most tedious tasks in clothing and accessory design is cutting out patterns. A Full Spectrum Laser system can save you literally months of time and is as easy to use as a 2D Printer. Our lasers can cut and engrave fabric and organic materials to create unique patterns, logos, text, and and art on synthetic fabrics and natural fabrics, such as wool and leather.

Below you can find the compatible power of tube that comes preinstalled in your machine.

40W CO2 90W CO2 150W CO2 1064nm Fiber Galvo
Polyster Fabric Cuts Cuts Cuts -
Nylon Cuts Cuts Cuts -
Denim Cuts/Engrave Cuts/Engrave Cuts/Engrave -
Leather Cuts/Engrave Cuts/Engrave Cuts/Engrave -

Note: (Upgrading power of tubes is available, contact us for more information.)